Needles and Skin Webinar


This theory class is an absolute must for all PMU artists! Become a more versatile artist and

learn how to use a variety of different needles in your PMU including:

 diameters

 tapers

 magnum needles

 round shaders

 single liners


You will discover how to choose the right needle and PMU treatment for your client

depending on their skin, this is an important skill set for any artist to have to ensure you achieve the best results on your clients.

Understanding the relationship between the skin and tattooing will not only improve your

healed results, but also improve your PMU skills and give you the confidence, knowing you

have chosen the most appropriate type of tattooing for your client’s skin.


In this course, you will learn:

 The Fitzpatrick scale, and typical skin traits for each category

 Skin types, and how this effects your PMU

 Skin contraindications and conditions

  Skin products that can damage and benefit tattoos

  Pre Appointment and Post Appointment advice

Pre-recorded webinar: £99