Paradise Tattoo Studio Cheltenham

Mastectomy Tattoos

Tattooing can offer a huge variety of options to help disguise and decorate most types of scarring after mastectomy surgery; helping people to reclaim their bodies and feel more confident in their skin again.

Mastectomy tattoo designs can be used to created balance and symmetry to the chest, disguise scarring and enhance the breast shape. Mastectomy tattoos can be performed (when the skin is fully healed) after mastectomy surgery and breast cancer treatments are complete, and is suitable for all types of breast reconstruction. Mastectomy tattoos are also a popular option for people who choose not to have breast reconstruction. This beautiful art form can be use to decorate the skin and celebrate our wonderful bodies; designs are created custom to each individual ensuring everyone has a unique piece of artwork especially for them that will fit and flow with their body shape.

Many people choose to mix both Medical and Traditional Tattooing post Mastectomy surgery; incorporating a stunning tattoo design to help disguise any scarring alongside a realistic 3D Areola tattoo. 

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