Paradise Tattoo Studio Cheltenham

Guest artists visiting Paradise Tattoo Studios in 2023

Are you looking for a tattoo artist in the Cheltenham area? We’re super excited to welcome guest artists here at Paradise Tattoo Studios in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We have a wide selection of artists to suit all types of tattoo styles – bringing you world-class tattoo artists under one roof!

Take a look at our available guest artists and be sure to book in with your artist super fast!

Tattoo artists guesting at Paradise Tattoo Studios, Cheltenham in April:

Hope Smart
28th/29th April

Hope will be guesting with us here at Paradise on the 28th & 29th April. Hope specialises in beautiful intricate Neo-Traditional style Fineline work tattoos. She works in both colour and black & grey for larger pieces and is also offering a flash sheet that’s filled to the brim with small designs in simple black ink, no larger than palm size for an incredible offer of two for £80 or one for £60.

As you can see from Hope’s designs, she is an awesome artist with a unique illustrative style! Her flash sheets boast a wide range of beautiful designs with a vintage twist. We just love the super cute cowboy boots which would be perfect for a gap filler! We also adore Hope’s 1920’s style Lady Faces that truly highlight her delicate and intricate style, whilst keeping that neo-trad flavour running throughout each piece.

Hope will be coming to us from Strangeways Tattoo in Swindon, so grab your chance to catch her at our studio whilst you can!

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Tattoo artists guesting at Paradise Tattoo Studios, Cheltenham in May:

Casey Marie
12/13th May

We’re super excited to announce that Casey, who is the owner of Sevenstone Tattoo Studio in Bristol, will be guesting with us here at Paradise on the 12th & 13th of May. Casey is delivering witchy, gothic, cottagecore vibes to her super crisp black work, dotwork and ornamental pieces – which we cannot wait for!

Casey specialises in blackwork tattoos but is happy to take on colour pieces too! As you can see, has a beautiful range of blackwork pieces as well as super cute decorative dotwork additions and odes to traditional tattooing that really make her tattoo style stand out!

Looking to fulfill your witchy tattoo dreams? Book in with Casey today!

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12th/13th May

We also have the lovely Belle guesting with us on the 12th & 13th of May! Belle specialises in hand poked tattoos, her attention to detail and super delicate hand poked designs create a beautiful mix of neo-traditional tattooing for anyone looking for a machine-free and eco-conscious artist & tattoo. 

Belle takes ‘stick and poke’ tattooing to the next level, adding definition and tone to all of her pieces with beautifully considered linework and dotwork, all added by hand with great skill and an extreme eye for detail!  We had the pleasure of having Belle guest with us in 2022 and we’re so stoked to have her back in the studio!

She will be coming all the way from The Black Rabbit Tattoo Collective in Thatcham, so take this opportunity to book in for your bespoke handpoked piece whilst we have Belle here in Cheltenham!

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Emily Alice
18th/19th/20th May

Colour realism artist Emily Alice will be here on the 19th & 20th of May, and we are so happy to be hosting the lovely Emily and her incredible artwork here at Paradise HQ. Emily is an outstanding realism artist that captures not only photo realistic detail but she also has an amazing way of capturing movement and expression in her vibrant pieces. Whether you’re looking for a colour realism portrait, a character from your favourite show or a realistic sticker style tattoo – Emily has the skill and versatility as an artist to make that happen!

We absolutely adore Emily’s work and you will too! Are you looking for the perfect artist for your next realism tattoo? We’ve found the artist for you here in Cheltenham, but only for two days! So book fast…

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Tattoo artists guesting at Paradise Tattoo Studios, Cheltenham in June:


Tattoo artists guesting at Paradise Tattoo Studios, Cheltenham in July:

21st/22nd July

Shannon is an incredible custom artist that you’ll definitely want to get booked in with fast! She will be guesting with us on the 21st and 22nd of July and will be coming to us all the way from Wickford, Essex. As you can see from the thumbnails below, Shannon has a vast range of styles under her belt and is an incredibly talented artist that adapts her style to take on various different styles of tattooing. From traditional tattooing, neo-traditional tattooing, colour realism, black & grey realism, blackwork, and fineline tattoos.

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Manni K
27th/28th July

Paradise favourite – Manni K is traveling down from London to us and will be guesting here on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July! Manni has guested with us a number of times here at Paradise and her availability always books up incredibly fast. Specialising in Indian Mehndi/Henna art, Manni creates beautifully intricate designs in both black ink and a splash of colour! Manni is a super versatile artist that also works with traditional tattoos of a fine and decorative nature.

So If you’re looking for a beautiful ornate design, book in with Manni!

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Tattoo artists guesting at Paradise Tattoo Studios, Cheltenham in September:

Marie Cox
1st/2nd September

Marie will be guesting here with us on the 1st and 2nd of September! We have had the pleasure of hosting Marie here at Paradise HQ previously and we are so excited to have her back. Marie is a freehand artist who is well known for her super bold and colourful nature inspired designs, she also welcomes cover-up projects as well as working with scars! Marie also specialises in black and grey tattooing so she is an incredibly versatile artist with a gorgeous vivid tattooing style and stunning portfolio of work!

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Getting to the studio.

You can get to us here at Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire via public transport or by car. We are located at 5 Bath St, Cheltenham, GL50 1YE. Cheltenham Spa Railway Station is a 10-minute walk away from our studio. 

Are you planning on driving to Cheltenham? No problem, there is parking available at one of the many nearby pay-and-display car parks in town. We are located conveniently in the Cheltenham town center, making it easily accessible for all who to come and visit us. There is more information on how to get to us on our location page.