Paradise Tattoo Studio Cheltenham

Rosie Todman

Rosie started her tattoo apprenticeship in 2018, and absolutely fell in love with the art form, right from the beginning stages of communicating with the client and visually bringing their creative idea’s to life, through to the actual and often therapeutic tattooing process.

Rosie is also training in Cosmetic Tattooing with Tanya Buxton, and currently offers brow and freckle cosmetic tattoo treatments.

After studying applied art for GCSE gaining 2 A*s which followed on to study foundation art in Stroud she learnt a wide range of different art mediums which is reflected in her work to this day, from delicate fine line tattoos, to bolder, brighter and more colourful neo traditional pieces.

Before starting her journey of becoming a tattoo artist she helped run art classes for vulnerable adults and children with learning difficulties to help them express themselves through the form of art and loved seeing the boost of confidence,self esteem, expression and happiness in which art can bring to peoples lives and thus set her on the path of entering a career combining the two.

“I love using a wide range of colours and textures whilst tattooing to not only compliment the clients skin tone, but to also bring a sense of joy and life to the tattoo and making each piece unique in their own way. 

Tattoo’s are not only a art form but also a form of self expression, enabling greater body confidence and immortalising memories in which you will carry with you everyday, and there is no bigger honour than being a part of that.”