Paradise Tattoo Studio Cheltenham

Jen Sterry

Traditional Tattoo Artist

Jen studied Fine Art specialising in painting at Bath Spa university where she honed her realism skill. She then went on to a tattoo apprenticeship in 2009 and has enjoyed a successful career ever since. 

Jen has worked multiple conventions around the UK, including the prestigious London Convention and has been published in several magazines including, Tattoo Life Magazine, Skin Deep and Tattoo Yearbook.

Jen specialises in colour realism and loves to mix realism with graphic and watercolour elements. Jen is especially passionate about tattooing all things nature related.

Jen says, “I love that tattoos can make people feel better about themselves, anything from a fun little design to scar cover ups or tattoos dedicated to loved ones. They can all give the client a positive boost and to be able to give that to someone is amazing”