Paradise Tattoo Studio Cheltenham

Fiona Hambleton
Traditional Tattoo Artist


Fiona graduated Birmingham City University with a degree in Fine Art in 2012, mainly focusing on tattoo related art work and imagery from different cultures, using mixed media to create unique pieces. She started her apprenticeship straight after university, dedicating her time to learning how to tattoo. She has since worked in busy tattoo studios experiencing a variety of styles which had helped her become competent in many forms of tattooing. 


“Tattooing is all I’ve known for over 10 years now and I feel so grateful every day I get to do the job of my dreams surrounded by supportive, encouraging colleagues and wonderful clients who allow me to do this day in day out.

I love the transformative power of tattoos, the positive effect on your confidence and self image, also connections you make with your clients, some who have become great friends over the years.”