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Top Surgery Tattooing

Areola-Nipple tattooing can be performed after a number of different gender affirming surgeries. 

There are a wide variety of areola-nipple tattooing options to suit your needs after your surgery, our artists at Paradise Tattoo Studio are always happy to speak with you in more detail about how our areola-nipple tattooing services can help you in your transition journey.  

Some people opt to remove the areola-nipple complex completely during their top surgery, in order to have a 3D realistic areola-nipple tattoo applied afterwards. This option provides flat skin, without scar tissue, to recreate a 3D realistic areola-nipple tattoo. 

Nipple grafts are performed during gender affirming surgery to allow for resizing and placement of the nipple. Areola-nipple tattooing can be used to enhance the shape and symmetry of nipple grafts after surgery, as well as adding pigment to the areola-nipple complex, disguising scarring and adding a 3D nipple effect to the area, if need.  

Many people also choose to combine a traditional tattoo design with their areola-nipple tattoos, to complete their desired look and disguise their top surgery scars.

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