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Breast Cancer Tattooing

Areola-nipple tattooing is most widely known for helping breast cancer survivors after mastectomy surgery. 3D realistic nipple tattoos can be tattooed post mastectomy to recreate the areola and nipple. These tattoos play a vital role in a person’s emotional and physical healing journey, helping them to feel more like themselves again, and boosting body confidence and self esteem.

Areola-nipple tattooing can also be used after preventative mastectomy surgery for people who have been diagnosed with BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.  

Once the skin and scar tissue are fully healed, areola-nipple tattooing can be performed after mastectomy surgery and breast reconstruction, including:

  • flap reconstructions
  • implants
  • nipple reconstruction

Our artists at Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham use their extensive skillset, knowledge, and artistry in tattooing to recreate beautifully realistic areola tattoos for the breast cancer and BRCA community. This procedure is suitable for all ages, genders and skin tones. 

Tanya Buxton has written a helpful guide about areola-nipple tattooing. Free download below.

double areola tattoos after tattooing

We offer FREE clinic to the Breast Cancer and BRCA community, funded by Tanya's charity the Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance.

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